Italian Customer Visited Aohong

On 31th, Aug, 2020, Italian customer visited our factory.

The Italian customer made a special trip to our factory in Wudi town for a field visit. The customer company attached great importance to this inspection, and the visitors were the main heads of the Italian company's headquarters this time.

Accompanied by Jade Yang, general manager of our company, the customers visited the raw material cutting process, assembly process, molding process, testing process and many other processes of aluminum alloy cable seals, including the production and processing steps of various components, assembly speed, capacity calculation, performance test, etc. They were very satisfied with our production workshop and testing equipment.

During the visit, the customer also showed a great interesting in our other products, such as the plastic security seal, bolt seal and stainless steel padlocks. After the on-site inspection, the customer went to the company’s meeting room to check the relevant quality system, on-site product performance testing and records, ask for more professional knowledge of aluminum alloy cable seal, the relevant personnel of our company answered all the questions seriously, and the atmosphere of the whole communication process was very harmonious.

The factory inspection took a half day. After the visit and inspection, the customer was very satisfied with the overall evaluation of our company, and the two parties had initially reached a comprehensive cooperation intention.

Welcome more friends to our factory, and we will offer you the high quality security seal products with best price and service.