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With today's concern of terrorism, cargo theft, and tampering, security is a top priority for the storage and transportation of important goods.

Security seals are effective tools to prevent and detect unauthorized access, theft or tampering. However, as with most things, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to security seals. There are different types of seals, which work best in certain situations and under different tasks.

The following are different types of security seals and their special advantages.

Cable seals. Cable seals are durable seals that are used to seal valves, locked doors, and other items that have a small opening through which a cable wire can be inserted. Some cable seals meet ISO 17712 ratings for high security, so can be used for high-security situations like international cargo shipping. Different size jobs require different cable lengths, although excess cable length can be easily trimmed. They also come in different cable diameters, typically ranging from 1.5mm to 5mm.

Bolt seals. Bolt seal is another high-security sealing option, which is designed with a complicated locking mechanism and has a self-locking function, so it does not require tools and is easy to install. They have a steel bolt and a tamper-resistant body part that can be installed manually to form a seal. They can be customized by color, printing and bar code for use in other security layers. These seals are ideal for containers, trailer latches and cross-border transportation. These heavy duty seals require the removal of bolt cutters.

Fixed-length plastic seals. Fixed-length plastic seals are one of the strongest plastic seals, with a breaking strength range of 80-135N. These seals are ideal for securing goods transported by trucks. Fixed-length seals are cheap, so they are a good choice when considering costs.

Plastic pull-tight seals. Pull-tight seals are similar to fixed-length plastic seals, except that they come in a wider variety of breaking strength.